Apostle C. A. Smith

Our prayer for you is that God, in His infinite grace and mercy, anoint you afresh and that His Spirit illuminates the Word of God as you read. We pray that God empowers you to persevere through your struggles so that you may overcome and continue to be victorious. My wife and I pray that your home be a reflection of the joy and peace that God has promised to all of His children. We pray that GOD would bless your children, the fruit of your body. We speak life into your marriage, your ministry and your mission. As you lay down at night we pray for more than sleep. We pray for rest. Rest in Him and arise refreshed because the body of Christ needs you. Your prayers, your support and your love are important to us; we need you to survive.

Bio of Apostle C. A. Smith

Dr. Smith was born in Beckley, West Virginia and raised in Fort Pierce, Florida where he attended Lincoln Park Academy High School. In his adulthood, Dr. Smith moved to West Palm Beach, Florida where he later married and raised nine children (6 boys, 3 girls). Dr. Smith attended Nova University for one year before he accepted God’s call into the ministry. He was later ordained in 1979.
Dr. Smith began to evangelize and preach God’s word all around the world, through the power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost. In 1982, God gave Dr. Smith a promotion by having Bishop Ross Davis ordain him as a pastor. During this time, Dr. Smith started his first, Gate to Heaven Ministry Inc., in West Palm Beach, Florida. From this time, Dr. Smith was urged by the Holy Ghost to travel to Port-au-Prince, Haiti where he started his second church, ordaining Pastor Paul Cardon as pastor over that ministry. Dr. Smith, following the Spirit of the Apostle, opened his third church in Fort Pierce, Florida.
During his years evangelizing, a greater anointing and power of the Holy Ghost began to flow through his life, and his ministry. Dr. Smith attended Canon Bible College, where he received his Associate Degree in Biblical Studies and his Bachelor of Religious Arts in Biblical Studies. Due to his dedication and service to the ministry, Dr. Smith received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree and later completed his Doctorate’s in Ministry from Canon Bible College & Seminary where he was appointed as a dean in the Philadelphia sector.
Dr. Smith pastored two separate churches simultaneously, for 15 years. Dr. Smith relocated to the Atlanta, GA area where he was content preaching God’s word through evangelizing and not pastoring. He felt God’s unction to evangelize in Philadelphia, PA in 1994. He began in Philadelphia with his famous “Big Gospel Tent”. The revivals were so powerful and life changing until the people pleaded with Dr. Smith to pastor them in that city. After much prayer, Dr. Smith knew what the Lord was telling him to do. In 1997, Gate to Heaven Ministry Philadelphia was founded. Today, Dr. Smith resides in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, pastoring his flock in the Mantua Section of the city. The ministry of Dr. Smith continues to travel all around the world carrying an even greater anointing of healing and deliverance.

Pastor Apostle C. A. Smith